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Well-Being Program

Free information about your illness and on the medications you take. We relieve you and your caregiver of stress.

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Our pharmacy is dedicated to improving the lives of our patients. One way we do this is by offering a coordinated synchronized refill program integrated with a comprehensive medication review by our trained pharmacists called the S. Bros. Well- Being Program.

Taking your medication as directed by your doctor including your pharmacist is known as medication adherence. Many people are non-adherent to the medications, meaning they might skip a dose, stop taking their medication, or never fill their prescription. This ongoing problem in the US has contributed to billions of dollars in healthcare costs, chronic disease complications, and even deaths.

If you or someone you know take ongoing monthly medications and are having trouble sticking to your medication regimen, enrolling in this program at our pharmacy can help you manage your medications and feel better.


  • Makes the pharmacy experience easier for our patients taking multiple medications and their family members or caregivers.
  • The program concept is to take all of our patient’s prescriptions which are coordinated to be refilled on the same day of the month. Approximately one week before the refill date, one of our pharmacists will contact our patient and conduct a medication review prior to dispensing the refills.
  • The program helps our patients be more adherent to their medications by ensuring they refill their prescriptions on time and it makes it easy for them to have one telephone call for refills and make one trip to the pharmacy each month instead of several.
  • The program is designed to enable our enrolled patients to live healthier, to feel better about themselves by taking active control of their health.
  • The program’s goal is to educate and empower people living with chronic conditions and to encourage them to take active participation in their disease state management and thus improving medication outcomes.
  • We believe that together pharmacist, patient and practitioner can control disease states and decrease medication burdens, decrease medication misuse, duplications, adverse outcomes and hospital admissions.
  • We can achieve this through effective medication management, patient counseling, patient education, and the establishment of partnerships with other healthcare providers.

This service will be provided FREE to whomever may benefit.

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